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I got 2 or 3 phone calls from N.J. Singles, so I called back and talked to the person who called me, she was the Manager her name was (Sharron).

At that time I spent at least an hour filling out forms, I asked a few times about what was the cost, they said it depends on my score and the program I pick, when I was in Dianne's office she told me that my test told her I should pick # 3 program, when I saw the PRICE I almost wet my pants, $5,500.00 was the price for a date with about I think 5 ladies for 5 weeks, at that point I was very nervous and felt manipulated, so I gave Dianne my visa card and told her take only 1,000.00 out because I was on a fixed income, so I went home and the next day I called and canceled, and I want my money back in the bank, that's when they told me that there is NO REFUND.

So I called my bank to stop payment but they said they could not it was in my contract. I am 75yrs old and if they told me about no refund I would have left, I don't do Biz with crooks...

Product or Service Mentioned: New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Service.

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